Coldsmokin’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I find out who will be teaching what clinics? 

It would be great to guarantee that you get to ski with a certain instructor's group however, with the variables involved and the fact that it is a group lesson, not a private offering where you can actually request someone, we can't make any guarantees.  We match the best instructor with the group for the day. 

An exception would be if one person's name is on the clinic (like Steeps with Eric Pehota).  We are able to do this because we limit the number allowed in the clinic so only one group is created.  So unless there is only one person's name on the clinic,  there is no guarantee that you will be spending the day with a specific instructor.  For example, if you sign up for a clinic that Leah Evan's is slated to coach, like Freeskiing Kootenay Style, there is not a guarantee you will end up  within her group.   Everything depends on your pace and ability level and how the group ends up spltting, and then which group she takes... People's abilities range so hugely that this is why it is done this way.  And there are 15 spots in her clinic and she coaches with 2 other people - so it is a team approach.

If you need more details, a longer explanation, or would like a little insight from Karen Reader who coordinates the clnics, she is almost constantly on the clinic's email and would love to answer your questions,

What is the difference between REGISTRATION AND CHECK-IN?
Registration is when you pay and get your name on a list for either a clinic or competition, checking in occurs directly before the event and it lets the organizers know that you made it on the day! Typically check in will involve the signing of waivers and the picking up of bibs.

What is up with the taxes y’all?
Taxes in Canada have been a bit back and forth - there is both PST (provincial) and GST (federal) taxes.  For Coldsmoke, your taxes will be GST only which is 5%

Where is West anyway? Everytime I’ve been to Whitewater, it is snowing so hard, I can’t even tell which way is up?? In the case I will be there on a sunny day, can you orient me to the base area?
Whitewater offers a Mountain Tour program complimentary to its guests.  Click HERE for more information including meeting times.

Do I need to be an expert Skier/Boarder to travel in the backcountry?
No, you don't have to be an expert skier or snowboarder to enjoy backcountry winter travel - there is lots of mellow terrain and easy skiing.  You should have some instruction when you initially venture into the backcountry and make sure you have a partner and all of the recommended equipment and knowledge on how to use it.

What are these ‘technical’ clinics you speak of?
Technical clinics will be on-area clinics that focus on skiing technique - there are different skills and resulting desired movements for being most efficient as one skis.  Clinics focusing on technique will have feedback and discussion related primarily to your ski technique.  The other type of clinic offered are those of a more tactical nature - what we can do to get down the pitches with more flow and push our boundaries with terrain.  Tactical clinics will be coaching you on the tricks used to get down stuff...In order to reach enlightenment as a skier, it is good to balance the technical and tactical...

Is Randonnee really French for “can’t Tele?”

No - It refers to a type of mountain travel where skiers go up and down, up and down, up and then down.

I’m thinking about doing the long course Randonee Rally – is it a challenging course?

Yes, be sure to read all the information on the event itself and the details on the course, the vertical and the distance.  Be sure you have the required equipment!  It you are not up to the challenge, there are other options including the short course AND the tag team challenge! Click HERE for more information.