Route-Finding & Reading Terrain

Route-Finding & Reading Terrain

Categories: Saturday Backcountry Clinics

Clinic Type: Backcountry

Ability: Advanced

Capacity: 6

Availability: Contact the Whitewater office at (250) 354-4944 for availability and ordering.



Touring gear required: climbing skins, beacon, shovel & probe, pack, nutrition, hydration, appropriate layers. Participants should arrive at the clinic on-time with gear.

This is basically experiential wiki for route-finding and is an extraordinarily fascinating and relevant topic for all enthusiasts Anyone who ventures into the backcountry in the winter should understand the nuances of route-finding and reading terrain since doing so mitigates a ton of risk! The format for the day will be hiking and skiing powder while experientially learning about navigating snowy terrain to maximize both safety and efficiency. This is awesome value for a day in the incredible Wh20 backcountry with an ACMG guide.

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