Freeskiing Kootenay Style - Expert

Freeskiing Kootenay Style - Expert

Categories: Saturday On Area Clinics

Clinic Type: On Area

Ability: Expert

Capacity: 6 PER GROUP

Availability: Contact the Whitewater office at (250) 354-4944 for availability and ordering.



This is an off-piste clinic. FUN is the main goal here...maxing out your assets and looking for areas of growth in your skiing.

This clinic is a unique opportunity to push your skiing comfort zone, ski some great lines, and get some valuable pointers to increase your confidence under the watchful eyes and STOKE of great ski coaches. Focus on fluidity, line choice and pointing it when it makes sense to do it - how to flow and have fun with skiing - like we do here in the Koots...

This is a progressive clinic meaning that the coaches will go over tactical fundamentals so you can progressively push your limits over the day if you choose. Air is not mandatory but we will certainly support that initiative if you'd like to get some pointers and opportunities to add that to your bag of ski tricks, and hey, sometimes you do just need to point it hence...mandatory.

Personal feedback for sure but in general group coaching. The difference between black and double black is pace and comfort in the terrain. Participants should come to this clinic already being able navigate double black terrain with a clear head in most conditions. Progressions will be slowed a bit in the black clinic, amped a bit in this double black offering...consult the Ability Chart if you need more information or email to connect with an actual person. Condition dependent, terrain will be all black ungroomed/double black. Ratios are low and the group will be split based on pace/ability level.  

This clinic will be a day of fun lines and excellent ski coaching and you will have access to lots of freeski beta and insight.

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