Love the Board - Snowboarding with Kendra Starr

Love the Board - Snowboarding with Kendra Starr

Categories: Saturday On Area Clinics

Clinic Type: On Area

Ability: Intermediate/Advanced

Capacity: 6

This clinic is snowboard friendly

Availability: Contact the Whitewater office at (250) 354-4944 for availability and ordering.



We couldn't be happier that once again, Nelson local & former pro-rider Kendra Starr will be coaching some more CS sessions for us. As always, the main agenda is to gather together for a sweet day of shredding at WH20!

This year, Kendra would like to focus on getting riders to use terrain properly, turning on the steeps and in the trees rather than side slipping. She also thinks that "Olis and 180s are fun too". This will be a day of fun geared at improving your snowboarding skills. Intermediate riders and above will totally benefit from Kendra's eyes on you - she has secrets about the board that will edge you into the next level of riding.

Snowboarders ready to take their riding to the next level will enjoy trying new things and getting feedback on their riding. Depending on numbers, we may add another coach to pump the vibe on this sesh.

Riders should be intermediate level and comfortable with blue and easier black runs.

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