Alpine & Telemark - All Mountain Skiing

Alpine & Telemark - All Mountain Skiing

Categories: Sunday On Area Clinics

Clinic Type: On Area

Ability: Intermediate

Capacity: 6 PER GROUP

Availability: Contact the Whitewater office at (250) 354-4944 for availability and ordering.



Spend the day in moderate groomed and un-groomed terrain exploring some different runs and unique lines. Increase your confidence by receiving technical and tactical pointers as well as personal feedback on your skiing. Both telemark and alpine skiers will benefit from this clinic with coaches who teach at a high level in both disciplines. The objective for this day will be to explore the mountain and sample different pitches, aspects, terrain and conditions and gain an understanding on how to adjust skiing accordingly. If this is your final session of the weekend - it will be a great way to consolidate stuff learned from the other sessions with chill mileage. If this is your first difficult clinic of the weekend and you have been working up to it, this will be a great venue to apply what you have learned in a relaxed environment.

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